Today, there is a shock treatment for Google AdSense users in their AdSense account! All the stats in this month in AdSense account is showing as zero. If you have also checked your AdSense account then you might have seen all the records are vanished except Payment History. Many of the AdSense users reported the problem in different forms including the Google’s forum. I also experienced the same problem in my AdSense account.

Adsense zero

   I am really shocked, when I noticed that this month’s earning is showing as ‘zero’ and all the earnings in the month are replaced by ‘zeros’. It may happen due to some technical problems. Don’t be panic, when you noticed such things. Nowadays, I checked all these type issues (even related to email offerings) in internet to know the actual truth behind it. I searched in Google for the AdSense problem and clicked on ‘More search tools’ in Google search page and in ‘anytime’ I checked for the ‘past one hour’ and noticed that I am the not the one who experienced such a difficult in AdSense account, so many people reported it within a hour in different site and forums.

  Google search by time     Youtube time

   Searching results based on time is highly useful for tracking new issues, finding latest news about a product, finding and troubleshooting latest issues etc.. You can find a similar feature in YouTube –sort by: Upload date– which also help the users to find latest videos about a topic.

  Now at the end of the discussion I decided to check my AdSense account one more time, and happy to say that it works fine. Everything is appeared in it’s correct way in each column. Fine !

Lesson learned

  It is a good thing to keep a backup copy of the AdSense results also (not only your site/blog database and files) at least once a month. We can do it by using export to excel CSV from the reports page. You can keep the report by arranging it in a folder in month and year basis. 

  Have you experienced this problem ? Do you have any other suggestions to keep it safely as offline or online?


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