Nowadays Emails are highly popular on the Internet. It provides a fast and secure medium for sending messages and information, it allows us to collaborate with others and help us to send and get files or documents from others. Did you ever think of how Email has been evolved? An email has come a long way in 40 years and is now such a part of our lifestyle. There have been many changes to email as it evolved from its original start as a communications tool for university academics.

The history of email begins with Ray Tomilson sends his first email while working on Arpanet in 1971. Ray Tomlinson is the inventor of modern email, he is credited for sending the first email across a network, initiating the use of the @ sign to separate the names of the user and the user’s the machine in 1971 when he sent a message from one Digital Equipment Corporation DEC-10 computer to another DEC-10. In 1978, the Mail client, written by Kurt Shoens for Unix included support for aliases and distribution lists, forwarding, formatting messages, and accessing different mailboxes. In 1996 Hotmail, the first free online email service becomes operational, later it was sold for MSN. it was founded in 1996 as Hotmail, by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. When the Hotmail begins its journey, 2MB was the maximum size of email storage, in 2004 Gmail launched their service with 1GB of free storage. Microsoft launched its latest generation email service in 2012. Now Gmail is offering 15GB of email storage space. Microsoft’s Outlook email service also offering 15GB of free email storage space. The most common email password is ‘123456’! So, never use this password for your account.

Here is an infographic from Reachmail that provides a long history of email.

So what you think about the future email? Did the latest real-time communication tools like Twitter affects the popularity of Emails? It is a curious thing to think of how the Emails inbox appears after 10 years and what type of facilities they offer at that time.


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