Today when I log in to my facebook account I noticed a small advertisement saying, “Read a fun guide about things you’ve always wanted to know about browsers and the web, written by the Google Chrome Team.” I clicked and reached a nice site…Yes really nice, a well designed- a book like a site. Site name- 20 Things I learned About browsers and the web, Published by the Google Chrome Team. Site address – . The site is well designed and one can it read like a real book. The table of things consist of slides of what is internet? cloud computing,web apps, Javascript, HTML,CSS and more,HTML5,3D in browser,Evolving to a faster web,etc.


Table of things

The lesson starts with the first lesson ‘WHAT IS THE INTERNET? or, “You Say Tomato, I Say TCP/IP” ‘. Each page consists of funny graphics and high-quality contents. on the left side of the book, there is a bookmark red ribbon with things number, on mouse over it elongates and shows share facebook, twitter, Google buzz and print this page buttons. It is easy to bookmark the page using the facility. on the right side of the page when mouse over the right edge of the book one can see a color change, on clicking there the page flips and the next page displayed like a real book!

You can see the pages of the book in the above screenshot, in a slow internet connection, it takes a bit time to load. There is also one bottom menu to quickly pick the topic we want and color changer slider. One of the best thing that I loved is its appearance and user-friendly interface. You can view the designers behind it by clicking the credit link on the top of the page. The main interesting thing is that the site is Built in HTML5. The Google team has done a great job!


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